Volunteer Day at PUC 9/6

We had an awesome time volunteering at Philadelphia Urban Creators’ urban farm at 11th and York Streets on Saturday, September 6.  We were incentivized to volunteer thanks to our lovely Indiegogo donors that claimed volunteer hours as a perk.  We had 16 people volunteer for 3 hours for a total of 48 volunteer hours! It was over 90 degrees that day, but we persevered through the heat to help PUC with some weeding, pulling out dead sunflowers, composting, and more.  Check out some photos from the day:



“Working with the Philadelphia Urban Creators was such a fun experience! Who knew how many weeds were actually edible? Or that pulling out plants in the hot sun produces such a rewarding feeling? I want to garden all the time now! Learning about which plants thrive in this climate, and in this season, is definitely going to effect my choices next time I’m in the produce isle! It was an invaluable experience helping an urban garden thrive while the community around it grows. Thanks philly urban creators for giving me this opportunity! See you next time!”Sidney Buckingham, Temple University Freshman, Undecleared Major

“Excited and hot, a dozen of us walked together to ‘Life Do Grow Farm.’ If it wasn’t for these lovely friends of mine, I may have collapsed in exhaustion. But, the hard work was worth it.  I lead the ‘Reckless Weeding’ team and we tore up the unwanted roughage. We replaced the newly vacant ground with a brand new bed boarded it with unused logs.  Using gardening hoes and shovels felt good physically, but completing the job felt even better mentally. I visited a week later to check it out and I truly felt proud passing by. It was pretty too!”      Toby Forstater, Temple University Junior, Environmental Science 



Want us to do more volunteering?? Donate on Indiegogo and select volunteer hours as your perk!