All About Rad Dish

Here are some updates from Peter Usilton, Sourcing Committee member and fall 2014 intern:

There are many difficulties that go into opening a restaurant, and designing the menu is definitely tough, especially when considering the seasonality and locality of our food. That being said, we are proud to announce our initial menu for our opening. On our menu, you will find two salads, two sandwiches, a seasonal stoop (read on to find out what a “stoop” is), parfait, and various baked goods from a local Philly bakery.

One of our salads will feature radish (naturally), carrots and onion, and another will incorporate seasonal fruits with wasabi peas and nuts. If you’re feeling hungrier, you can combine a salad or stoop with one of our sandwiches. Our first sandwich is a Hummus Grilled Cheese with our house made hummus and choice of feta or mozzarella. If you’re into vegan sandwiches, you’ll want to try our Tempeh Sammy, which features spice-rubbed tempeh, veggie slaw and a vegan sriracha mayo. These rad salads and sammies will be available from 9:30 am-3:30 pm (if you didn’t catch that, those are our hours!)

Now, what the heck is a “stoop”? A stoop is a phrase I just invented. It is a combination of the word “stew” and “soup”. Instead of spelling it “stoup,” I used the word “stoop” because that’s already a word and is phonetically identical. Stoop is an apt word because from month-to-month, season-to-season, whether we have a soup or whether we have a stew will depend on both the seasonality of our veggies and the creativity of our cooks. The first stoop we feature will be a vegan Butternut Squash Soup. Just the thing to warm you up as Jack Frost rears his frigid head.

In addition to our general menu, we will be partnering with some students from Temple who have started their own natural juices business, called Neuron Nector. What juices they feature will vary from week to week as they get a feel for which juices are most in demand, so keep your eyes “peeled.” While Neuron Nector will initially feature single-use compostable cups, their goal is to ultimately use reusable, refillable glass bottles for frequent customers at the co-op.

Lastly we are super stoked to announce that we will feature CSA through Philly Foodworks. If you sign up for CSA, you will be able to pick up boxes of produce once a week through our partnership with Philly Food Works. The boxes will be in Rad Dish on Thursdays.  What’s in the box?! This will vary from week to week. The cool thing about CSA boxes is you never know what you’re going to get. It’s like Christmas, it could be that awesome RC Car you wanted, or it could be socks. Either way, sign-up for CSA box and find out!


Oh, and I suppose I forgot to mention where our food is coming from. This is a huge piece, but I got so excited about stoops I forgot. All our produce will initially be sourced from the Common Market, which features local and largely organic produce aggregated within the local region. All of our dry goods (seasonings, sugars, dressing, etc.) will come from UNFI, the largest distributor of organic foods in the country (the same folks who source for Whole Foods). The Philly Food Works CSAs source from various local places, but largely rely on Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op.

We are so excited all of this is coming together and hope you are too! We can’t wait to better serve the Temple Community! Stay Rad!