Rad Revamping

Here are some updates on our cafe space from Rhiannon Wright, another one of our great fall 2014 interns:

After a lot of hard work over the last year, we’ve been lucky enough to work with Temple to secure a cafe space on campus.  If you haven’t been yet, our cafe space is a flow-through area in the Ritter Hall Annex.  The best part is that we’ve been lucky enough to give the space a little makeover to make it our own.  The space is great with high ceilings, an open, airy atmosphere for customers to relax in, and plenty of room for our to-be mini kitchen.  It started as a great canvas for us to work with.


(Before shot. Photo credit: Rachael Voluck)

Now onto our personal touches.  First and foremost, we painted. We chose calming natural green walls to replace the turquoise and black checkers. One of the foundation columns has been made into a chalkboard that now begs for artful contributions from our loving patrons.

On the far wall of the cafe a charming mural designed by Emily Melnyk, Temple art education student, has been painted. A group of co-op members came out on a Saturday afternoon to paint the mural in a paint-by-number style. Much fun ensued, and now we have a delightful depiction of the veggies we will proudly be serving.

Untitled1(Mural painting. Photo credit: Emily Melnyk)

The space is loveable for now, with huge floor to ceiling windows that let in tons of natural light and the view of greenery surrounding the cafe on three sides. There are plenty of booths and high top tables with bar stools for anyone who wants to eat and run or hang around and get some work done.  Our budget has been quite tight this semester, so the total ambiance we’re going for hasn’t really come to fruition yet.  We still have a lot of goals for the space that we hope to achieve through future fundraising.

This being said, once we’re up and running with steady income we’re hoping to provide everyone with an even comfier home-away-from-home space. Our vision includes ideas of rugs, bookshelves, couches, really great lighting and an even better soundtrack. We’re partnering with Philly Foodworks to bring fresh CSAs to campus. If you sign up with the code “RADDISH” $15 of your share goes towards fundraising for our sound system. We’re also working on an agreement to have a rotating exhibition of student art on display.

Once the place is all decked out, we’re planning on have all kinds of funky events: open mic nights, poetry readings, events for charities and student organizations, and the like. Being student-run, we’re totally down to take suggestions for cool uses of the cafe. Let us know what you have to say! Stay rad pals!


(The finished product of the mural. Photo credit: Emily Melnyk)