Grand Opening!

Here’s a recap of our Grand Opening, written by the wonderful Olivia Crabtree~


On February 5th at 5:30, the doors to the Rad Dish Co-op officially opened for business on Temple’s main campus! This student-run organization was filled to the gills in Ritter Annex with friends, family, and a rad band (naturally) made up of the ever-so talented Marc Jaffee and Bogi Trifunovic. The servers prepared two hearty dishes: the first being the rad beets bowl and the second being the stew over rice, a personal favorite of mine. Some other things being served were the various teas that the co-op has daily (needle green, bai mudan white, spicy cinnamon orange, and English breakfast), coffees (bold, light, and decaf), and baked goods (brownies, apple bread, and zucchini bread).grandopening2_2

Even though this was a food event geared toward the Rad Dish, there were some other vendors there to give people information about their businesses. Soom Dips was invited to talk about their various tahini dips, that can be like a hummus dip or a spreadable Nutella, that will be on the Rad Dish’s shelves soon enough. Philly Foodworks was also there to talk about their affiliation with multiple different farms in Lancaster County and how anyone could get a share of produce, meats, cheese, spreads, vegetables, and much more delivered to any of the 25 pick-up locations throughout the city for a very low fee. A fellow Temple student was also there talking about his and his partner’s adventure into neuralactivity through smoothies and different kinds of juices. They call it Neuron Nectar and with different kinds of vegetables and fruits, they’ve found that each can affect the brain in a different way. So with one juice called “Smiles”, it could boost your mood, while another could boost your energy.


Before the guests got their food, Jon Kardos and Max Cohen wanted to tell them a couple of things about the Rad Dish. They talked about how the Temple Community Gardens, Net Impact and some other environmentally friendly Temple clubs came together with the idea of a place on campus that would house nourishing foods for students, since there can be a lack of that elsewhere. The groups brought their idea to Kathleen Grady at the Office of Sustainability and Allison Hayes-Conroy at Environmental Studies and started to make their idea grow into what would soon become the idea of a co-op. They then went to Co-Fed and began to learn what a co-op is, how to organize one, and how to run one. And BAM! (In short) We’ve got the Rad Dish. These amazing students have really wrapped their mind around an idea and brought it to life! Congratulations Rad Dish!