Working at Rad Dish

Working at The Rad Dish Co-Op Café, from co-op member Mariam Dembele:RADDISH

I’ve been working at the Rad Dish Co-op Café for about two months now and I couldn’t say I’ve ever been more in love with a job. Perks of working at Rad Dish, all your co-workers are actually really rad, the food is incredible and the customers light up when you give them their sandwhiches. However, It’s more than that, it’s being part of a larger goal. A huge part of Rad Dish’s mission is to be a sustainably run organization. This involves promoting and implementing green practices, which can include anything from composting raw veggies to sourcing produce and breads from local companies. I’ve always been a person who was passionate about environmental sustainability – I did a psych project in High School on the percentage of people who recycled daily – thus, it’s amazing being part of an organization that values sustainability, and works daily to minimize waste. Another unique aspect of Rad Dish is that it’s a co-op – an organization that’s owned and run by the people who work there and the people who eat there. This basically means that there isn’t a CEO or boss who directs the workers. Rather, we have a bit of freedom to create our own rules. As a part of the co-op we can make suggestions and we have a vote in possible changes. Everyone has an equal voice. And to be honest, one of the best parts about working at Rad Dish is that’s it’s fresh. We’re new. Being part of new business means that there are a lot of bumps and challenges we face daily as we figure out how to run a café. We’re always problems solving and improving, which is honestly really cool. We’re the first part of this café that will hopefully go on and last for years and years after us. We have a chance to impact where Rad Dish goes as an organization and a business.