About Us


We are a democratically member-run organization that provides educational opportunities and resources both in and out of the co-op. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming communal space. We aim to provide access in our community to local, organic, ethical, and humane food options. Our goal is to create a diverse and collaborative environment that seeks to enrich, expand, and share ideas of health and wellness.

During the Fall of 2013, a few ambitious Temple  students dreamed of a food co-op on campus: a platform to share and develop a sustainable food system and introduce a localized food economy. They yearned for a space to honor fresh food, obtained from businesses that respect their employees, as well as our Earth. This conversation traveled through University grapevines and particularly tickled the ears of eight unique individuals, who took this opportunity to install an Independent Study revolving around food co-ops into Temple’s curriculum in Spring 2014. These students became the Steering Committee. This Committee grew and grew, and eventually spawned into four distinct committees. The Spring of 2014 was dedicated to defining a cooperative government, writing a business plan, establishing a sourcing guide, reaching out to other Philly Co-Ops, and marketing our business.

Many thanks to our sponsor, Shareable for helping us fund Rad Dish with a seed grant!


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